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Yohanna Roa Class Blogger Week 2

The fourth chapter of Patricia Hill Collins’ book reminded me of a situation that arose in Cali-Colombia in 2011. This is a city made up of 51% of people of color, and approximately 40% of mixed-race people. (I don’t remember the precise statistics) In a major magazine, they published an image of some very wealthy white women in the city. They are sitting in a magnificent position, next to the bench of a luxurious apartment, located in one of the most expensive areas of the city. The wealth of several families that live there comes from sugar cane estates, which were originally supported by the labor of black slaves. The magazine that published the photo probably did not notice that in the reflection of the window, you could see a black woman, in a maid outfit, waiting for the photo to be finished to approach with drinks. For obvious reasons, this image aroused a heated discussion about the problems of race, social condition and gender, which have been maintained since the colony and which are not usually discussed in the spaces of these wealthy people. []    in this link appears the image to which I refer.